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IGNOU BTS Admission 2018, Eligibility, Fee, Syllabus

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IGNOU BTS Admission 2018 – Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers admission to Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies (BTS) in both January and July academic cycles. The discipline has been developed by the School of Tourism and Hospitality Services Management (SOTHSM), IGNOU. Students can apply for IGNOU BTS admission online in July or January session

Programme Objective

The main objective of the university to introduce the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Studies (BTS) is to provide the deep knowledge, understanding, competence, and required skills to the learners in the professional area of tourism.

It is a three year Professional Degree programme which helps the learners to get jobs in Travel and Tourism sectors. In terms of further study one can pursue Master’s in Tourism Management from IGNOU or any other university.

To know more about the BA (Tourism Studies) discipline, please visit the official website  at

IGNOU BTS Programme Details

The more details about the Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies (BTS) programme are mentioned below :

Medium of Instruction

English and Hindi

Admission Eligibility

The learner seeking admission to Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Studies should be having 10+2 or its equivalent or Bachelor Preparatory Programme (BPP) from IGNOU

Fee Structure

The students need to pay Rs. 9,000/- for complete programme which has to be paid year wise @Rs. 3,000/- per year.

Duration of Programme

The university provides a minimum time duration of 3 years and maximum duration of 6 years to complete this Bachelor degree programme. If not completed on time, the students has to take re-admission and submit the fees again.

Programme Coordinator

  • Ph. 011-29571751 to 011-29571757

IGNOU BTS Syllabus & Courses

The learner need to complete 96 credits to obtain the Bachelor Degree in Tourism. After completing this Under Graduate programme, the students can pursue the higher education in Tourism Studies. The detail about the Course Code and Course Names are mentioned below :

IGOU BTS First Year Courses

(32 Credits)

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
 TS-1 Foundation Course in Tourism 8
 TS-2 Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies 8
 BSHF101 Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences 8
 FEG 1 Foundation Course in English 4
 FEG 2 Foundation Course in English-2 4
Modern Indian Language (Choose any one)
 FAS 1 Foundation Course in Assamese 4
 FBG 1 Foundation Course in Bengali 4
 FTG 1 Foundation Course in Gujarati 4
 BHDF 101 Foundation Course in Hindi 4
 FKD 1 Foundation Course in Kannada 4
 FML 1 Foundation Course in Malayalam 4
 FMT 1 Foundation Course in Marathi 4
 FOR 1 Foundation Course in Oriya 4
 FPB 1 Foundation Course in Punjabi 4
 FTM 1 Foundation Course in Tamil 4
 FTG 1 Foundation Course in Telugu 4
 FUD 1 Foundation Course in Urdu 4

IGOU BTS Second Year Courses

(32 Credits)

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
 TS 4 Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism 8
 TS 5 Ecology, Environment and Tourism 8
 FST 1 Foundation Course in Science and Technology 8
 PTS 4 Project on Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism 4
 PTS 5 Project on Ecology, Environment and Tourism 4

IGOU BTS Third Year Courses

(32 Credits)

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
 TS 3 Management in Tourism 8
 TS 6 Tourism Marketing 8
 PTS 6 Project on Tourism Marketing 4
Application Oriented Course (Choose any one )
 BHDA 101 or AFW(E) Samachar Patra aur Feature Lekhan (Hindi) OR Feature Writing (English) 4
 BRPA 101 or AWR(E) Radio Lekhan (Hindi) OR Writing for Radio (English) 4
 AOM 1 Office Organization Management 4
 ASP 1 Secretarial Practice 4
Elective Course (Choose any one)
 TS 7 Human Resource Development 8
AHE 1Human Environment (includes a 2 credit project)8
 EHI-1 Modern India, 1857-1964` 8
 EHI-2 India: Earliest Times to 8th Century A.D. 8
 EHI-3 India From 8th to 15th Century A.D. 8
 EHI-4 India From 16th to Mid 18th Century A.D. 8
 ESO-15 Society and Religion 8
BEGE 103Communication Skills in English8
Total Credits96

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